At Soma Farm, we sell a range of delicious farm fresh products grown right here in Cambodia. Our current offerings include tender cuts of beef, fresh chicken eggs, fragrant coconuts and other seasonal produce.

What makes Soma Farm different?

Best Beef

Best Beef

Soma beef is the choice of Cambodia's top Chefs.

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Freshest Eggs

Freshest Eggs

The most delicious eggs come from our chickens.

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Fragrant Coconuts

Fragrant Coconuts

Refreshing fragrant coconuts from our farm are delicious and healthy.

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Local food for a sustainable future

Soma Farm’s customers can taste the difference in quality and freshness of our products and choose us to feed their families and restaurant customers again and again.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Our meat and eggs contain no antibiotics or hormones.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Our meat and eggs contain no antibiotics or hormones.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Our meat and eggs contain no antibiotics or hormones.

No Antibiotics or Hormones

Our meat and eggs contain no antibiotics or hormones.

Whole Animal Butchery

We provide a full range of beef cuts and offal, for all of your favorite dishes.

Processing Resiliency

We control every step of the rearing and processing of our meat, eggs and other products to ensure the highest quality.

International Standards

Our standards are not just the best in the Cambodia, but are some of the most stringent health and safety standards in the world.


We are 100% committed to the best service and products for our customers. If you have any questions, please contact us!

We specialize in Brahman cross breeds, Charbray and Brangus, known for their tenderness and taste.

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Cambodia’s Best Beef

We are committed to being the premier, beef cattle producers in all of Cambodia. We are the first beef producer in Cambodia certified and to comply with ISO9001.

Bred for Tenderness and Taste

Soma Farm beef cattle are meticulously selected and cared for to produce the very highest quality beef in Cambodia. Soma Farm uses crossbred cattle to deliver exceptional taste, tenderness, and quality on par with top imported meats.

Our Premium Beef Cuts

Our beef is butchered into prime cuts, and then into the following: tenderloin, strip loin, cube roll, rump, outside, topside, knuckle, eye round, calf, chuck, blade, ground, brisket cut (bang), fat meat, flank, neck, offals, tail, head, tongue, kidney, intercostal, heart, liver, rib bones with meat, hump, trimmed meat, penis, breast, brain, feet & nails, tendon, weasand. Our chilled fresh beef is at its peak of freshness and quality within one week after it leaves our farm, or longer if it is processed or aged.

All-Natural Feed, No Hormones

Soma Farm’s cows are raised on a wholesome diet, using as many local ingredients as possible such as corn, palm kernel meal, distillers grains, sugar cane tops, etc. and supplemented with fresh green chop from our own lush pastures. Soma Farm’s cows are never given growth hormones and we follow international best practices for the use of antibiotics and other veterinary medicines for the health of the herd.

Clean and Healthy

Soma Farm’s cows are meticulously selected and cared for by professionals with years of combined experience to the highest standards of animal welfare, food safety and quality. Our cattle yards are exceptionally clean and sanitary, with particular attention to clean water, biosecurity, and herd health.

Clean and Healthy


Soma Farm raises our cows in compliance with Australian welfare and rearing standards, some of the most stringent standards in the world, and is committed to continuing to observe international best practices and to complying with applicable international standards and certifications as we expand our operations in the future.

Soma Farm eggs are the safest, healthiest and tastiest in Cambodia

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Freshest Eggs

Soma Farm raises Isa brown chickens for our tasty farm fresh chicken eggs.

Healthy Eggs

Soma Farm takes care to ensure the health and safety of our chickens and eggs. We employ international standard good animal husbandry practices, carry out routine checks and pamper our layers with the best quality feed, water, fans and ventilation, and ensure a clean, sanitary environment with daily cleaning.

Quality European Breeds

Soma Farm’s chickens are bred from advanced European genetic stock, chosen for the best quality delivering the best eggs.

Free from Hormones

Our eggs are the most delicious on the market and free from hormones. All of our chickens are given a special diet formulated by an internationally renowned feed manufacturer consisting of corn, rice bran, fish powder, clam shell, salt, soybean, and premix.

State-of-the-Art Equipment

Our chickens live in European-designed, chicken houses, the highest standard of chicken housing used in Cambodia and in the industry internationally. Chickens lay the most delicious eggs when they are comfortable and healthy, and we at Soma Farm work hard to ensure they have the best living conditions so that we can deliver the best eggs to you.

Our Chicken Eggs

Soma Farm eggs go through inspection, grading and sorting to assure the safest and highest quality to our customers. We separate our eggs into six sizes, in line with international standards. Our eggs are exceptional quality, and when kept refrigerated are fresh and ready for use for up to one month.

Our fragrant coconuts are naturally sweet with a delicious fresh taste

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Fragrant Coconuts

Soma Farm specializes in fragrant coconuts, from top quality imported stock.

Hand-picked for Quality

Soma Farm’s coconuts are harvested by hand for maximum freshness and quality. We assess every fresh coconut visually for conformity and employ periodic testing for consistency and quality. Why? To ensure that what we deliver to our customers meets our high standards of safety, freshness, and quality.

All Natural and Safe

Our fresh coconuts are all natural and not processed before selling. At Soma Farm we take the same quality and safety-focused approach to our fresh coconuts as we do with all of our products, so our customers are assured healthy and delicious coconuts.

The Best in Cambodia

Our fragrant coconuts are from top quality imported stock and planted on a carefully managed and maintained plantations in Bati and Kampot provinces. The flavors and aroma of our fresh coconuts are especially delicious, without a doubt the best in Cambodia!